This course is designed to meet one or more of the following ACGME competencies: 


  • Patient Care 

  • Medical Knowledge 

  • Practice-Based Learning and Improvement 

Course Fees

  • Doctors (Specialists and Family Physician): SGD $250.

  • All Others: SGD $200

Course Fees are

inclusive of 7% GST

Course Dates

AACES Basic Sonographic 

Integrated Care (BASIC) Course

An Introductory Course to Point of Care Ultrasound


A predominantly hands-on program specifically designed for healthcare providers who are new to point of care ultrasound. The BASIC (BAsic Sonography Integrated Care) course covers six of the most common diagnostic and procedural-based ultrasound applications in the general ward and emergency setting. In the diagnostic section, participants will learn how to evaluate for free intraperitoneal-pericardial fluid, pneumothorax (E-FAST) and abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). In the procedural section, participants will learn how to use ultrasound to confirm placement of nasogastric tube and urinary catheterization, calculate residual bladder volume and guide peripheral intravenous cannulation in patients with difficult vascular access.  


The introductory lectures (physics, knobs, probes and scanning techniques) and diagnostic application lectures (E-FAST & AAA) will be posted online. Onsite lectures are succinct and minimized.  The Hands-on Training is the cornerstone of the program. Participants will learn how to perform the diagnostic scans on volunteers and practise ultrasound-guided interventions on mannequins and phantoms. Attention will be given to maximizing the diagnostic yield for novices. Newly accepted standardized sites for FAST and Lung ultrasound, such as the Upper and Lower Blue Points, will be introduced. 3 free stations are included to allow participants to individualize their learning experience and practice on applications of their choice. With a trainer to trainee ratio kept at a maximum of 1:4, participants will have ample opportunities to practise during the hands-on training.


This basic course will lay the foundation for the healthcare providers in utilizing point of care ultrasound in their daily practice.



Upon completion of this course, participants will learn how to use ultrasound to:

  • Evaluate for free intraperitoneal-pericardial fluid

  • Evaluate for pneumothorax

  • Evaluate for abdominal aortic aneurysm

  • Perform peripheral intravenous cannulation

  • Confirm placement of urinary catheter and perform bladder volume calculation

  • Confirm placement of nasogastric tube



Healthcare workers in internal medicine, critical care medicine, emergency medicine, military medicine, community medicine, surgery, trauma and anaesthesia and prehospital care. No prior experience with point of care ultrasound is required.