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This course is designed to meet one or more of the following ACGME competencies: 


  • Patient Care 

  • Medical Knowledge 

  • Practice-Based Learning and Improvement 


Critical Care & Lung Ultrasound Course

A professorial lecture series by


Professor Daniel Lichtenstein

President of CEURF

Le Cercle des Echographistes d'Urgence et de RéanimationFrancophones


Daniel Lichtenstein is a medical intensivist at François Jardin's medical intensive care unit and the President of Le Cercle des Echographistes d'Urgence et de Réanimation Francophones, CEURF. Regarded by many as the father of lung ultrasound, Prof. Lichtenstein has contributed immensely in this field over the last two decades. The numerous landmark articles that he published have laid the foundation of our current understanding and clinical application of pulmonary sonography. Since 1991, Prof. Lichtenstein developed a comprehensive whole-body sonographic evaluation to the critically ill, focusing on lung ultrasound with extensions to acute respiratory failure (BLUE-protocol), circulatory failure (FALLS-protocol) and several ultrasound guided interventions. This ultrasound guided evaluation and interventions are detailed in his textbook Whole Body Ultrasonography in the Critically Ill (Springer), currently in its 4th edition.


In this Critical Care and Lung Ultrasound Course, AACES is proud to present the lecture series of the CEURF program, delivered by Prof. Lichtenstein himself. He will cover the whole body sonography approach, with emphasis on lung ultrasound and its main clinical uses. The BLUE, FALLS and SESAME protocols that he hasdeveloped, as well as the LUCI-FLR program, will be discussed in detail. Participants will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the utility of ultrasound in the management of the critically ill.



Critical care physicians, emergency physicians, physicians, surgeons, anaesthetist, nurse practitioners,residents, medical officers and healthcare workers involved in the management of critically ill patients. Participants should have a basic understanding of point of care ultrasound and ultrasound physics, and have attended the AACES Ultrasound Life Support Course or equivalent