Basic Echo + More than Basic Echo Course

Basic Echo + More than Basic Echo Course

Organized by WINFOCUS SIngapore Int'l Training Unit

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This course is designed to meet one or more of the following ACGME competencies: 


  • Patient Care 

  • Medical Knowledge 

  • Practice-Based Learning &  Improvement 

ACGME Competency

Course Description

Specifically designed for physicians in critical care medicine, emergency medicine and anesthesia, this training program comprise of two courses: the WINFOCUS Basic Echo (WBE) and WINFOCUS More Than Basic Echo course (WMTBE).

WBE is targeted at physicians who are new to or have just started on focused cardiac ultrasound (FoCUS) and covers the basic use of transthoracic echocardiography in the setting of cardiac arrest and peri-resuscitation. With the inclusion of internationally well-known formats of FEEL and FATE, this course may also be of interest to more echo-experienced physicians wishing to make their focused echo assessments more effective.

The WMTBE is targeted at physicians with prior knowledge in echocardiography, and wish to expand their practice with speciality- specific use of more advanced hemodynamic parameters offered by echocardiography in the management of their critically ill patients. Participants will be able to register for either one or both courses, depending on their training needs.

Learning Objectives

Who Should Attend

Critical care physicians/intensivists, anaesthetists, emergency physicians and healthcare workers involved in the management of the critically ill patients.

Course Fees are

inclusive of 7% GST